Towards the transition to carbon-free, sustainable renewables
Date & Time
Thursday, September 16, 2021, 11:15 AM - 12:00 PM
Deanna Zhang Tony Lanson Ana Denena Matt Flanagan Philip Black

As the Global media is dominated by the uncertainty and risk of the pandemic news, the energy industry finds itself in its own new world of uncertainty and risk. Three forces are defining a new future. Energy transition, Information technology, and ESGissues, are transforming the market expectation for cheap, abundant, and reliable energy.

The big news in energy is transition to carbon free sustainable renewables. Efficiency is sought through deployment of Information technology in the form of data acquisition, sensing devices, and analytics to empower the IoT concept. And ESG has gained prominence with global awareness to environmental climate change, society’s growing demand for decarbonization, and Governance policies that define new regulations and market incentives.

ESG issues favor energy transition to carbon free sources. Can the IoT, data, information, and Knowledge increase credibility to policies and claims in achieving environmental improvement targets? Corporations and investors aspire to meet society’s demands and comply with policy and regulations. But how to turn aspiration into actionable plans that are reportable and trackable?

Digital structures and systems can add credibility to aspirations and promises with auditable and trackable systems where quantifiable targets are tracked to enable effective course correction.