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Relationships, Partnerships Business Renewed… In-Person

The 7th Annual IoT in Oil & Gas Conference, the world’s largest focused IoT in Oil & Gas event, returned in-person in Houston, and virtually, on September 15-16, 2021. The Conference once again brought together its ever-increasing community of stakeholders, including operators, service companies, EPCs, drilling companies and technology solution providers. Attendees were able to debate the crucial challenges, issues and emerging trends shaping the digital transformation of oil & gas.

The imperative of decarbonization as well as the dual-shocks of the global pandemic and oil price collapse has increased the urgency for operators to fast-track their  digital transformation programs.

Automation, sensors, digital twins, AI, drones - all reduce operating costs and aide in reducing carbon footprints, crucial to surviving the present and thriving in the future. 

In today’s oil & gas environment, leading operators are looking for strategies to maximize efficiencies and protect the bottom line. This industry can no longer just focus on short-term cost-cutting exercises; there must be investment in emerging technologies and digital transformation in order to survive.

What's New in 2021?

Free Exhibition

IoT in Oil and Gas brings together the leading service and product providers in the emerging technology space. Our exhibition area has always been a focal point at the event for attendees to seek advice, gain insight and generate new partnerships with our industry experts. This year we are offering attendees the opportunity to visit the exhibition area free of charge to learn more about what is happening in this exciting space.  

Hybrid Event

We look forward to welcoming most of our conference attendees face-to-face, but understand the need for flexibility in these challenging times. To ensure everyone can take part in this year’s event, we are offering attendees the opportunity to attend in person or virtually. For those of you joining us in Houston, we have put in place Covid safety measures to allow you to meet, network with and learn from your peers in a safe and comfortable environment. For our virtual attendees, we will be streaming content and offering a virtual networking platform to ensure you don’t miss out. 

Interactive IoT Roundtables

The interactive round table discussions provide an opportunity for attendees to brainstorm the most cutting-edge IoT trends and topics that have emerged from the conference sessions. In small groups. eight to ten participants will discuss key takeaways, navigate market complexities and explore how to capitalize on the latest industry opportunities to get ahead of the IoT curve in 2022.

Birds of Feather Lunch

IoT in Oil and Gas prides itself on being at the heart of the emerging technology for energy community. Our attendees come along to meet, network and strategize with like-minded peers. To that effect, we have put together Birds of a Feather themes during the lunch break. Choose a topic that resonates with your interest and focus area and discuss it with your peers over lunch thus making the most of every minute you spend at the conference. 

1-To-1 Meeting Area

At IoT in Oil in Gas we are committed to fostering successful partnerships between our community members. We have a dedicated one-to-one meeting area at the conference venue to facilitate those crucial interactions between our attendees and solution providers. If there is someone specific you’d like to meet on site, we are more than happy to assist. Take advantage of the opportunity to have quality, focused conversations with the people you’ve had on your business radar. 

Personalized Interaction

We have a simple process in place to designate our attendees’ willingness to mingle – green means “shake my hand”, yellow means “happy to chat” and red means “leave me alone”. We’ve taken the confusion out of networking for you and this will give you the tools to fast-track your conversations on site and maximize the time you spend with your peers. 

Swag Bags

Attend the conference and walk away with a show bag containing conference memorabilia from our sponsors and exhibitors. To save you the hassle of collecting and carrying swag as you walk around, we will have your show bag ready for you to collect as you register so you can easily identify who you’d like to meet while you’re there. 

Live Interaction

IoT in Oil and Gas is more than a conference – it’s a whole experience and we want to hear from you while you are onsite with us! Over the two days of the event, our videographer will be recording and broadcasting interviews with our participants – if there’s a story you’d like to share, or anyone you’d like to hear from, just let us know!  

Event Chairperson

Thor Schueler
Senior Director - Innovation



Oil and Gas companies




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