$700 per person


Leveraging the book, ‘Bits, Bytes, and Barrels: The Digital Transformation of Oil and Gas’, this in-person course is a one-day digital awareness education program specific to the oil and gas industry. It will include key delivery topics like the nature of digital impacts and timing, risks that must be managed, the business case for change, the role of new methods like agile in driving success, organizing a digital team, the impacts on people, and how to set roadmaps.



The biggest challenge oil and gas companies face in addressing digital changes in the industry is equipping their people with a common base of understanding of digital. Without a common base of definitions, terminology, and frameworks, organizations
run the risk that their digital agenda will be defined by specific vendors which can have unintended consequences. Suppliers of technology, IT professionals, universities and consultants all use variants of their own proprietary approaches to digital that, well intentioned, can create poor transparency, bias and prejudice. Without a common base, teams drift into silos, management blocks innovation and Boards cannot execute their oversight role.

Digital innovations are expected to impact the oil and gas along four vectors: Growing supplies, lowering costs, raising productivity and altering demand.

  • Digital innovations applied to resource evaluations and reserves analysis are expected to grow global reserves by 5% or 500b boe, worth $22 trillion. 
  • Digital innovations will reduce costs by 20% across the entire supply chain.
  • Dital innovations will improve productivity of assets by 20%.
  • Digital innovations may erode demand for transportation fuels by 50% by 2040.


Companies who will find this course of value include:

  • Oil and gas companies, particularly integrated companies
  • Companies in the upstream, midstream, and downstream
  • Field services companies that provide services to the industry
  • Managers and supervisors in oil and gas
  • Teams of workers tasked with addressing digital innovations
  • Consultants to the industry
  • Software providers to the industry (cloud, engineering, ERP)
  • Supplies to the industry (telecoms, IoT, SCADA, EPC)
  • Investors, financiers, government agencies
  • Regulators, policy makers

Feedback from recent attendees:

"The course was easily one of the best workshops I’ve ever participated in. The most striking thing is that I am able to immediately make use of the information given. Excellent balance of theory and practice."

“I’ve involved Geoffrey in our change management process related to digital transformation. He helped us understand the big reasons for change, the urgency of doing it now and the great opportunities that lay ahead of us if we act timely. Focus on the goal, i.e. “the view from the top of the mountain” and you’ll convince your people to take the journey with you. It’s been inspiring and eye-opening and I’m pleased to see that now my colleagues often quote Geoffrey when referring to the changes that are shaping our future as an industry. Creating awareness is the first step to succeed.”

“Geoffrey is a leader who is deeply knowledgeable (so much he wrote the Book!) on digital transformation for oil and gas! His experience is priceless.”

"As a sales professional in the energy industry for over 10 years, I highly recommend Geoffrey’s instructive curriculum and book 'Bits, Bytes and Barrels’. 2020 was a disruptive year for my organization, specifically with our software sales goals not being met.  After taking Geoffrey’s course with my team, I am enthused to focusing on leveraging our company’s existing expansive trusted experience and building towards achieving new relationships in software solution development, including AI & ML. Geoffrey taught us where to focus within Oil and Gas, and how to deliver key facts towards expediting our sales cycles. "