"Being back together, being able to exchange ideas in real time, working with people – it’s been phenomenal. I am so happy to be back here and to engage with participants." - Thor Schueler, Senior Director – Innovation, Avanade

"I’ve so enjoyed being here, in-person. Those conversations you have at the networking events are so valuable and are things you can’t get on Zoom. I’ve enjoyed all the presentations and am looking forward to next year." - Philip Black, Global Emerging Solutions Lead, WOOD

"Being able to gather in-person again has been an amazing experience. I noticed three areas that were very elevated here – the structure, content and energy." - Eddie Nostrand, Enterprise Executive, CBT

"It’s not just about meeting people, but this is about touching and feeling the things that really matter to you and change your business. I think it’s a great event to get the industry together, and it was an amazing experience."
- Samrat Bera, Associate Vice President, HCL Technologies