Full Name
Ryan Sitton
Job Title
CEO & Founder
Speaker Bio
Ryan Sitton, founder of Pinnacle, has 20 years of industry experience creating data management systems for equipment integrity and reliability and has served some of the world’s largest companies in the oil and gas, water, and mining industries. Sitton is also considered a leading expert in energy market data analytics. Sitton served as Texas Railroad Commissioner, the chief energy regulator for the state, from 2014-2020 and has founded multiple companies including software development, commercial real estate development, and leadership training companies. He is a frequent industry speaker, podcast guest, advocate for future science education, and author of two books on quantitative analysis and leadership principles.

Sitton earned his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering from Texas A&M University and is currently working on his PhD in Data Science and Engineering from the University of Tennessee.
Ryan Sitton