IoT and GIS—Creating an active nervous system for Digital Twins
Date & Time
Monday, September 12, 2022, 11:40 AM
Micah Callough

Our world is transforming and rapidly becoming more digital - we are on the cusp of a location aware IoT driven technological revolution, affecting most, if not all, industries. With billions of connected sensors deployed on assets and networks, and in products around the world, companies are collecting and processing data at a higher frequency than ever before - creating a digital ‘nervous system’ for just about everything that we do. The challenge that continues to plague many organizations is how to make effective value-driven decisions from this wealth of data, in the context of their real-world operations. 

Many organizations are looking for help and guidance in applying technologies appropriately to improve situational awareness, create measurable operational efficiencies, and optimize performance metrics. This presentation will outline the systems to accept, manage, analyze and help recognize patterns in your data streams to create value today.